:: 3-я Планета от Солнца - сезон 4 :: 320х240.avi

3-я Планета от Солнца
сезон 4

3rd Rock from the Sun, season 4

24 серий по ~22 минуты
Video: DivX 5 320x240 29.97fps 399Kbps
Audio: MPEG Audio Layer 3 24000Hz stereo 48Kbps
язык: русский

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S04E01: Dr. Solomon's Traveling Alien Show
S04E02: Power Mad Dick
S04E03: Feelin' Albright
S04E04: Collect Call for Dick
S04E05: What's Love Got to Do, Got to Do with Dick?
S04E06: I Am Dick Pentameter!
S04E07: D3: Judgment Day
S04E08: Indecent Dick
S04E09: Happy New Dick!
S04E10: Two-Faced Dick
S04E11: Dick Solomon of the Indiana Solomons
S04E12: Dick and Taxes
S04E13: Sally Forth
S04E14: Paranoid Dick
S04E15: The House That Dick Built
S04E16: Superstitious Dick
S04E17: Y2dicK
S04E18: Dick 'The Mouth' Solomon
S04E19: Citizen Solomon
S04E20: Alien Hunter
S04E21: Dick v. Strudwick
S04E22: Near Dick Experience
S04E23: Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 1
S04E24: Dick's Big Giant Headache: Part 2
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